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Mama has a Migraine - Cover - 20180625.j

Advanced Praise

"Alison’s story of being a mother with chronic migraine is like reading my own story. Having children while living with chronic migraine is very difficult. What I thought of what and how a family should be had to be redefined. Just like in the book, my children had to see me sick most days. Alison has a gentle and reassuring approach in explaining chronic migraine to her son. Children of parents with migraine see the ugliness of the disease firsthand. Seeing a parent in pain is scary and raises a lot of questions. Mama has a Migraine does a wonderful job in explaining what the symptoms, coping mechanisms, tests and treatments are that are less frightening. Alison also does an amazing job in capturing the emotions that parents and children feel about migraine. This book is a must have for any parent with migraine. It is a valuable tool in talking about how migraine affects the whole family while validating everyone’s experiences."

Jaime M. Sanders

Patient Advocate & Blogger

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